Why Not Now? Stay In The Game Even When The Rules Keep Changing


Differences applied to new offering: Greater focus on Introspection exercises with deeper dive into past; focused exploration into Who We Are, best ways to leverage our Current Reality, face down challenges; emphasis on Skills-building guidance directed toward mindset and how to adapt to the new rules; revised Planning Tools

As we take our first steps into a new future, post-Covid, it may seem impossible to realize the dreams you used to have. You may feel like you need to start from scratch, to survive in this new world. Instead, let me show you how to realign your dreams and guide you towards achieving them with this new world in mind.


When it seems like the rules keep changing, let me help you learn to adapt, and continue adapting, in this game called life. Become agile, taking on challenges with intention. Join other similarly situated people to share experiences, learn from one another and become inspired to take back some control of your life. In this five-phase, life-planning workshop you’ll reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself these last few months, clarifying your core values, assessing your current reality and envisioning the future. (For more, check out my latest blog post!)

I will share resources, tools and strategies to align your goals with your new vision of the future. Together, we'll examine your current approach to the future and explore alternatives that work best for you. With renewed clarity about what’s most important you’ll be better prepared to navigate this next phase of your life. Even more, you’ll learn how to achieve it.

Given the challenges you are facing, these tools along with the support of a compassionate coach, will help you regain confidence, hope and enthusiasm about your future. 

Formats Offered

  • Virtual workshops (individualized or small group coaching) *50% Covid discount for first meeting

  • 5 sessions, 1-2 hrs.  

  • Fee: workshop $195 pp. (min. 5 needed); individual coaching $595 pp.

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Life's Too Short to be a Bystander - Design YOUR Life YOUR Way! 


Does it sometimes seem like as you get older, it feels less and less like you still have the chance to define your own path? Does it sometimes feel like life has gotten away from you and you're no longer master of your own destiny?
Get ready to revitalize your life. Let me help you analyze who you are and what you want in life amidst the noise. I work with a five-phase life planning process, with instructional videos, proven tactics and group or individual exercises to help you reflect on who you are, clarify your core values and envision where you see yourself in the future, then develop a roadmap to get on your way. Tools and strategies are provided to help you learn how to more effectively achieve your goals. Given the challenges you are facing and may face in the future, these tools will help you find clarity. 

Formats Offered. See below for a sampling of workshops offered.

  • Individualized or small group coaching 

  • Workshops (half/full-day) 

  • Seminars (5, 1-2 hrs.)

  • Fee: Individual Coaching $895 pp.; Workshops $295 pp. (5 - 12 max)


"I've always thought about meeting with a life coach but didn't know where to start, and the cost seemed like a prohibitive indulgence. This was quite affordable and exceeded my expectations." -Marilyn

“It challenged my idea of success and what it looks like and means to me.” – Ryan

“I was challenged to refocus when I was getting off track worrying about a ‘job’ vs. a path and choice of influence.” - Katy 

"It seems so simplistically brilliant to envision one's future then work backwards to examine what I need to do today to get me where I want to be in 5 years, yet for all the reading I've done, I'd never encountered this approach."​ - Kevin

“I focused what I envisioned on what I want for myself, not what anyone else saw for me. I saw that I dreamed big for myself and want to have a really happy life whether or not I find a significant other. If I am surrounded by family and friends, I’ll be fine and a successful. I’m open-minded and have a strong idea of what I want my future to look like.” - Liz

Design YOUR Life YOUR Way!

  • Five-phase life planning workshop

  • Instructional videos, proven tactics and exercises to reflect on who you are, clarify your core values and develop a road map to get on your way.

  • Receive a workbook with tools and strategies to learn how to more effectively achieve your goals.  

Understanding Your Strengths: Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment

  • Identify areas of greatest potential for building on key strengths

  • Understand possible ways for improving your performance as well as those who you associate with, manage, teach or mentor

  • Learn how to expend more effort building on your greatest talents than remediating your weaknesses 


Personality Type: MBTI Myers Briggs “Type” Personality Indicator 


  • Identify and capitalize on your unique personality preferences and understand how these contribute to/impede your success 

  • Understand how you are perceived by others

  • Identify potential growth strategies 


Identify Your Interests: Strong Interest Inventory

  • Choose appropriate education and training relevant to your interests

  • Identify a career focus and begin planning your career

  • Learn how to maintain balance between your work and leisure activities