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Survival Skills For The Times - How to Stay in the Game When the Stakes are High

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While you may be tempted to step into the sidelines or do a complete pivot as a reaction to the challenges you are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic, here are some things you need to know and do before making any drastic changes.

We are just beginning to take our first steps into a new future, and while it may seem impossible to realize the dreams you used to have, and you may even feel like you need to start from scratch to survive in this new world, you may be better served to pause and reflect on what you have so diligently worked to achieve in your life so far.

When it seems like the rules keep changing, learning to adapt in this game called life, becoming agile and taking on challenges with intention will position you for greater success.

REFLECT First, reflect on your greatest achievements in life so far. It’s more about the process, so take your time. When you are satisfied you’ve identified at least three meaningful achievements, reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself these last few months. With a new perspective on how far you’ve come and clarity about who you are now, you will be ready to assess your current reality.

ASSESS Now, critically assess where you are today. Consider your own unique situation from different angles. Write down the top three challenges before you now, be sure to elaborate. Then, do the same for the opportunities before you now. Being straight with yourself and clear about your current reality, however uncomfortable, will leave you better prepared to face today’s challenges and take advantage of the best opportunities. ”Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.

CONNECT It’s natural to be hesitant, perhaps withdraw a bit during these times of great uncertainty. We are all facing challenges right now. Get out there with those who know you best and those who can help you think things through and have connections. Share your reflections and assessment of your current reality with those who can provide inspiration to look at life in a fresh way and take back some control.

PLAN Now is precisely the right time to be proactive-inventive about your future. Anticipate what future opportunities will be there for you, whether in your career or personal life. Look at what’s trending related to where you want to be. Check out this career guidance, tips and tools from Microsoft President, Brad Smith.

DESIGN Your Life Your Way! Create the future you desire. Decide what’s next in your life, then strategize how to get it. With a solid plan and support you’ll land closer to your target than if you had let things happen.

Finally, practice good self-care. The goal should be not only to survive, but thrive, which means taking care of yourself and it wouldn’t hurt to be kind to others, Wear a mask! Without your health you’re more vulnerable, never been more true than now with the threat of Covid-19. Check out this guidance on thriving by maintaining the proper mindset , “posttraumatic growth” what a concept!

And if you need more individualized guidance, get in touch to hear about my awesome workshops and individual coaching to stay in the game!

“You have to take life as it happens, but you should make it happen the way you want to take it - German Proverb

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