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Turn Those Challenges On Their Head

This piece was inspired by something I heard while listening to an interview with Amy Lee of the band, Evanescence. She was talking about some of the challenges she’s faced since their last album, especially as a result of Covid-19. A rock critic once labeled her as “the most successful uncool rockstar”. She giddily brushes it off saying it’s true, that in school she wasn’t one of the “cool kids, being cool comes from being you.” Great example of owning who she is, being in touch with her authentic self.

What Lee had to say about her upcoming, soon to be released song, ‘Use My Voice’ was powerful. She’s trying to encourage those whose voices have ever been silenced to get out and vote in the November election. Citing her own inspiration for the song title, she reminded me of the courage of the female victim of the Stamford University sexual assault, her statement to her abuser about her voice being the one thing he can’t take away from her, speaking her truth was energizing.

I was also reminded that we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which is incredible given both how far we’ve come and how much further we have to go. However, this piece isn’t as much about that as something Lee said about how her life changed when she had her son, how her “heart and mind exploded in technicolor”. I know all too well how having a child brings what’s most important into focus. Lee talks also about the challenges presented by Covid-19, forcing the band to cancel a world tour.

Challenges often times present as opportunities and vice versa. So, for those who may find themselves feeling stuck and paralyzed with fear of the future or unsure about how to move forward, start looking at these challenges in a new light, turn them on their head. Is there something you’ve always dreamt of doing, but life took you in another direction? Perhaps you’ve been thinking deeply about what this crazy situation is all about and asking, ‘how can I best be of service to my country?’

It’s understandable wanting to avoid taking a step forward, I hate more than anything having to take a step back after working so hard to get where I am today. At the same time, it’s precisely during chaotic times like these that we have a unique opportunity to pivot, and try something new. Just as long as you are at first willing to give yourself permission to: Pause, Reflect, Assess, and see a future different than what you see today.

If there’s any way I can help you either with getting re-focused, re-energized or creating a plan to get pointed in a new direction, just let me know, I’d love to help. And, get out there and vote!

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